Aftermarket Parts Can Save You Money

Aftermarket Parts Can Save You Money

The Difference Between OEM AND Aftermarket Parts

You may believe that you can only buy parts for your car from a dealership or car mechanic who will order parts from the car manufacturer.

Where this can be done, there is an alternative in how you can purchase vehicle engine parts, which are not only cheaper but will still hold a good quality for your driving needs.

Getting motor spares is often looked at as something which can damage your car or could at the very least, be something which is of a low quality.

This can ring true if you are not buying your vehicle body components or engine parts from a business which is well respected and trusted.

There are two options for you to choose from when it comes to buying car parts, vehicle body components and accessories.

You can either get original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, or aftermarket motor spares parts.

There is a difference between the original equipment manufacturer and aftermarket parts, in terms of vehicle engine parts.

Both original equipment manufacturer parts and aftermarket parts have their ups and downs, however, if you are looking for a better deal on aftermarket parts, AHK Motor Spares has got you covered.

What Is OEM?

Original equipment manufacturer parts are created by the company that designed the cars.

Dealerships will supply these motor spares to their service sector, as well as to mechanics or individual clients.

Being that these parts were designed by the company that created the cars, these parts are made specifically for a select car, these are typically used by dealerships who are selling the specific model.

Of course, these parts are made to last a lot longer but the downside is that these vehicle engine parts cost much more than aftermarket parts.

Being so expensive, not only with engine parts but also vehicle body components, if you do not have the necessary funds available, you could struggle to find a business which will cut prices down.

What Is Aftermarket Parts?

If you are looking for better deals on parts which will function the same for your car then aftermarket motor spares parts are a good alternative.

Not only are aftermarket parts lower in price, but they are also convenient when fixing an everyday car, one which does not require specific, unique parts to work.

In terms of the price, they can cost much less than OEM parts while still giving you what you were looking for, vehicle engine parts which will get your car working correctly.

An issue is that aftermarket parts may be of low quality, however, by doing the right research and looking into businesses who supply such parts, you will find the right business for you.

If you are looking for an honest and fair business, which will supply quality parts for your vehicle, then take a look at AHK Motor Spares, as they are a business who understands that low quality will get you nowhere.

The Benefit Of Aftermarket Parts

At the end of the day, the choice is yours and whether you choose OEM or aftermarket parts, you will be left with wondering which choice could’ve been better.

Aftermarket vehicle engine parts and vehicle body components can come in a wide variety in terms of cost, quality and style.

The benefit of these parts is that they are cost-effective and you won’t have to wait weeks or months for them to arrive from a dealership or car manufacturer.

The quicker your car can install these parts, the faster you will be able to get in your car and drive.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Aftermarket Parts

As we have seen above, there are benefits to equipping your car with aftermarket motor spares as opposed to using OEM parts.

Whether it be engine parts or vehicle body components, aftermarket parts have their pros and cons, as with everything in life.

The important thing to do is be informed on what exactly the aftermarket parts can give you, as well as the drawbacks.

AHK Motor Spares may sell aftermarket parts, however, their drive is to offer the best quality possible to all of their clients and consumers.

By taking a look at both the good and the bad you will be able to make a better choice when deciding whether to use original equipment manufacturer parts or aftermarket parts.



The biggest benefit in buying aftermarket motor spares is that the cost is far lower than that of original equipment manufacturer parts.

Aftermarket parts for vehicle engine parts as well as body components will always be cheaper than OEM parts.

The reason for this is that they have been designed to be cheaper, for many types of cars, meaning that they will work for all everyday vehicles.

If you are someone who always looks to find a low-cost alternative then choosing to purchase motor spares from AHK Motor Spares is a sure way to save money will keeping good quality.


When looking to purchase OEM vehicle engine parts you are more likely to find that you can only purchase from a small group of businesses, this, of course, hikes the price up even more than it already is.

Obviously these parts have been made by the manufacturer, however, finding good quality parts at a lower price is much easier as aftermarket parts are easily available.

AHK Motor Spares have ensured that they are able to provide their customers with a variety of parts, all created to allow the cars the opportunity to keep running even if they are getting old.


The thought that aftermarket motor spares parts are all low quality is a myth as there are parts which have been made which are not only of good quality but have been known to have a better standard than OEM parts.

Of course, choosing the right supplier will certify that you are not getting parts which will break or no longer be functional in a few months or a few short years.

The best thing for you to do is purchase vehicle body components and engine parts form a business such as AHK Motor Spares, who is continuously building their positive reputation.



As stated above the quality of the parts can be high, however, if you choose the wrong supplier, the chances are that your vehicle engine parts will be of a low standard, increasing its chance of breaking sooner rather than later.

Do yourself a favour and opt to choose the right supplier, one with experience, transparency and one which cares for the customer and not only about the money.


OEM parts will come with a warranty or guarantee which states that if it were to malfunction or break in a given time frame, you will have the part replaced.

Unfortunately with aftermarket parts, there is no guarantee, meaning that if these parts do break in a time frame, it will be up to you to replace it with another part.

Car Accessories That You Need

Automotive accessories may seem like something which is just a novelty, or something which just fills your car up, however, taking a closer look at accessories will show you why they are needed.

Some automotive accessories are used to ensure that your cars aesthetic is better, on the other side, these accessories are used to keep you and your car protected.

Keeping your car in good condition will not only ensure that you are in a vehicle which is neat, but it also helps when wanting to sell a car, as there is less clean up to do, and less money to spend on revamping.

There are 5 essential automotive accessories which you need in order to keep your car looking and feeling brand new.

The Car Cover

In South Africa, the weather can change from sunny skies to heavy rain in a matter of moments. Your car can be left to the damage of the sun, as well as water damage because of rain.

Dust and dirt is also a huge problem and if you aren’t a car enthusiast, having to clean your car every couple of days can sometimes feel like torture.

The car cover is an amazing automotive accessory as it ensures that your car surface is kept clean, including from the nasty splatters created by birds.

The convenience of covering your car when arriving at work, or when getting home, will keep your car looking like it’s just come off the shelf, something which can improve its selling value in the future.

AHK Motor Spares provide you with top quality automotive accessories, such as car covers, which can improve the lifespan of your body by a good few years.

The Seat Covers And Floor Mats

Seat covers are important in terms of keeping your seats clean, especially if you have children or pets, in most cases both, and also in terms of keeping your seats safe from damage.

Cats, dogs, and kids can all damage seats as they can move around in such a way that the seats can start to wear and tear.

Replacing seats continuously will take a huge amount out of your budget and not having floor mats can also damage your car’s floor.

We walk around every day picking up grass, dirt and dust which can dirty your car floor quicker than you think. In order to ensure that your car floor is not getting dirt spread all over it, a floor mat will act as a barrier.

Both automotive accessories will keep your seats and floor looking and smelling great.

The Air Freshener

A major feature of a car is the smell as you may be in the vehicle for a long period of time. Cars can attract and hold smells for a long time as the space is small compared to buildings or offices.

Where you may have children or pets alongside you on your journey, all sorts of smells can come about. If you are on a holiday trip your goal is to get to the destination as quickly as possible.

Not having such an automotive accessory will mean that the breaks will be far more frequent, making the trip a whole lot longer.

The air freshener makes the car smell much more enjoyable in general, which is something that adds to the overall aesthetic and enjoyment of driving.


The Puncture Repair Device

Having a spare tire is essential, however, there are times when you may have already used your spare tire and haven’t yet gotten another spare.

A puncture repair device and kit will help you in these moments and is part of the important automotive accessories as it can save you time and money in terms of getting you out from a spot.

If you have ever been in a predicament where you are all but stranded, waiting for someone to come along and replace your flat tire, then you will know that having such a kit will save you.

This will also save you money as you will not need to call a car mechanic or your insurance to get someone out to replace your tire.


Automative accessories come in all shapes and sizes, as well as in simple to more complex forms such as the GPS.

Of course, every smartphone has an app which will guide you on your route, however, what happens when your phone is dead or you have run out of data.

Keeping a GPS in your vehicle can save you from getting lost in places. This is also a safety benefit as anything can happen when you get lost in unfamiliar places.

On top of this, having such an automotive accessory at hand can save you money and phone power as you will not need to buy more data when going on a long trip.

Contact AHK Motor Spares For More Information

If you are looking to buy car parts at a lower price, yet still with good quality, then aftermarket parts could be the way to go. AHK Motor Spares is a business which supplies good quality spares, which last longer than other generic parts. Contact AHK Motor Spares for more information.

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