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Building a great car audio system doesn’t have to be an expensive, all-at-once endeavour. You can create the car audio system of your dreams in stages if you have a plan and a budget. As a result, it will be a lot less expensive, and you get to enjoy hearing your system improve with each new step in the process. The best part is that there is no right approach, so you can follow the steps in any order that works for you.

Change the factory radio

A new receiver will improve the sound of any car audio system. You’ll get more power, meaning the speakers will sound better at any volume. In addition, you can listen to music from several sources depending on the receiver you choose.

Purchase new speakers

Simply by providing more power to your factory speakers, the new receiver will improve their sound. If you’re satisfied with the factory radio, skip ahead to the speakers. If you’re serious about sound, you’ll need aftermarket speakers. If you have a 4-door vehicle, start at the front, where you sit and work your way back as your budget allows.

Increase the power of your car audio system

After you’ve replaced the speakers in your car audio system, you’ll need to add an amplifier to boost their power. The increased power will allow the speakers to perform to their full potential, bringing out the details and clarity in your music. To power your front and rear speakers, you’ll need a four-channel amplifier. If you plan to add a subwoofer, you can power it with the rear channels of the amp until you’re ready to add a separate subwoofer amp.

Turn up the bass

Installing a subwoofer as part of your car audio system is the moment that many people look forward to the most. Even if you don’t care about bass, you’ll appreciate the depth a good sub adds to your music.

A dedicated amp for the sub

If you want your sub to have more thump, you’ll need to give it more juice. A dedicated mono amp will give your sub the necessary power to achieve the desired big bass sound.

Contact AHK Motor Spares for details

The benefit of building your own car audio system is that you can do it your way and on your time.

AHK Motor Spares offers the highest quality car audio system parts to solve our clients’ challenges. We have a network of branches across Gauteng and the Western Cape, which makes finding the right car audio system parts when you need them quickly. So get in touch with our team today for everything you need.

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