Common signs of suspension problems


Suspension problems might be difficult to notice. The symptoms are frequently evident, but diagnosing the fundamental cause is a different story. Faulty or broken shocks, struts, springs, tie rods, and ball joints may wreak havoc on your car and make it unsafe to drive.

You can resolve any suspension problems that arise by paying close attention to how your car acts and what you hear.

These are some of the most common signs of suspension difficulties in your vehicle.

While driving, you may find your car leaning to one side

The most typical indication of suspension problems is the car pulling to the left or right. However, it may also be one of the most difficult problems to discover without the help of a professional. The cause might be one of various things, such as uneven tyre pressure or tire deterioration. The easiest method to avoid these problems is to have your car’s tyres correctly aligned for toe-in, caster, and camber. Furthermore, incorrect alignment might lead to decreased fuel economy. Sticking brake callipers, a defective tie rod, or a malfunctioning steering rack are all typical culprits.

Because potholes are common in South Africa, driving through one may damage the alignment, especially at high speeds. In addition, if you have suspension problems after such an occurrence, it’s possible that something was destroyed.

Experiencing every hiccup along the way

A rough ride indicates that your shocks or struts are worn and should be changed. Likewise, when every bump on the road causes your car to bounce, you have suspension problems that should be addressed right away.

Do the bounce test. Place your weight on the front end of your car when it is parked, let go, and see how it reacts. If it bounces three times or more, the shocks and/or struts are worn and should be replaced.

As the name indicates, shock absorbers are the primary reason for your vehicle feeling “bumpier” than previously. They’re designed to keep your tires on the road. If they don’t, the car will bounce about uncontrollably. Shocks are filled with fluid that dampens the bouncing. When they leak, the absorbers’ performance deteriorates until they fail.

If your car is on level ground, but one corner is lower than the others, you most likely have a broken spring. Furthermore, when travelling over bumps, you may hear a clunking noise, and cornering may be restricted if a broken spring cannot sustain the weight.

Pushing down on the car’s trunk, releasing, and listening to how the suspension reacts is the most straightforward technique to identify spring issues. For example, if you hear a cracking or squealing sound, you almost certainly have a suspension problem with the shocks, springs, bushings, or other suspension components.

Your car nose dives, leans back, or rolls

Shocks or struts may need to be replaced if:

  • Your car’s “nose dives” or leans forward when you brake.
  • Your car “rolls” to the side or tilts side-to-side when you turn a corner.
  • Your vehicle “squats” or leans backwards when you accelerate.

Difficult steering

If steering is problematic, especially while going slowly, you may have a suspension problem. When you turn the wheel or keep it in an angled position, it may feel as though the steering is “slipping.” However, these faults might be caused by a variety of components in your power steering system. Low power steering fluid, a leaking power steering rack, a worn or loose power steering belt, a worn control arm bushing, or a defective power steering pump are all examples.

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