Signs you need to replace your car’s battery

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Your car’s battery is arguably the most essential electrical component in your vehicle. It can be challenging to determine when your car battery needs to be replaced. The battery in your car will inevitably degrade over time. From one day to the next, the battery may simply stop working. However, there are frequent indicators that this electrical component in your car is deteriorating.

Dimming lights

Dimming lights in and around the car is one sign of a failing electrical component in your vehicle. If your battery is insufficiently powerful, your lights’ strength will suffer. In addition, the headlights may not be powerful enough, preventing you from seeing properly in the dark. To stay safe on the road, seek assistance from a mechanic as soon as possible.

A slow-starting engine

If it takes a long time to start the car, it is most likely due to a problem with an electrical component in your vehicle. Start the engine; if the starter motor cannot ‘crank over’ the engine, it is usually due to a drained battery.

Battery leak

Batteries contain battery fluid, which has the potential to leak. Leaks typically appear on top of the battery near the battery terminals, but a damaged casing can also cause leaks. If the battery fluid leaks, the battery’s ability to charge and provide power is reduced. If you notice this, ensure you address it as soon as possible. Battery fluid is hazardous and will cause corrosion around the battery.

Engine check light

Even something as simple as the check engine light turning on can indicate a problem with electrical components in your car. It usually comes on when the battery is running low.

A bloated battery case

While it may appear strange, your battery case can expand over time, particularly if it has overheated. As a result, the battery will deteriorate, and the battery life will be reduced.

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