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One of the most important aspects of safe driving is the condition of your car’s brakes. Most braking issues are caused by vehicles standing idle for several months, which causes corrosion to the brake discs. Seized parking brakes are another common problem, particularly in vehicles equipped with rear drum brakes or drum parking brakes. Fortunately, these vehicle brake components are stocked by AHK Motor Spares if you need to replace them.

Maintaining your brakes is critical to driving safely, so it’s essential to recognise the signs that your vehicle may require new brake pads, shoes, drums, or callipers.

Warning lights on the dashboard display

When the brake pads or discs near the end of their service life, sensors on the rear brake callipers illuminate the brake pad warning light. It could also indicate that the brake fluid is low. If your brake light illuminates, always have a professional inspect your brakes and recommend the next steps.

Noise when stopping

Brake noise is common when stopping and can often indicate that your brakes are dirty or that your brake pads are worn down. However, if you hear a loud squeak or scraping sound, it is most likely due to worn brake pads or shoes. If this is the case, you should have it inspected by a mechanic as soon as possible because if these vehicle brake components are worn, it may affect your ability to stop safely.

A soft pedal when braking

This is frequently caused by insufficient braking pressure. As a result, you’ll have to press the brake pedal harder to bring the vehicle to a stop, which will take longer. This indicates a problem with the brake hydraulic system, so have a mechanic look at these vehicle brake components.

The steering wheel shakes

A shaky steering wheel, when braking, is typically indicative of a warped brake disc. Having the brake discs and pads replaced can often resolve the problem, so head to AHK Motor Spares to pick up the necessary vehicle brake components.

The vehicle pulls to one side

Damaged brake linings, fluid contamination, a failing wheel cylinder, a seized brake calliper, or even a failed suspension component can all cause this. A braking system inspection is necessary to identify the problem.

Contact AHK Motor Spares for details

If you’re having brake problems, AHK Motor Spares offers high-quality vehicle brake components to solve your braking issues. We have a network of branches across Gauteng and the Western Cape, which makes finding the right vehicle brake components when you need them quickly. So, get in touch with our team today for everything you need.



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