The arms that turn your steering

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Beneath your car’s bonnet, there are two arms you don’t dare ask if they even lift. The truth is, idler arms and pitman arms ensure the proper movement takes place when you turn the steering wheel, making them very powerful indeed.  As part of the steering system, idler arms and pitman arms link the steering box to the centre link and then to the hub assemblies.

 Both pitman arms

 and idler arms are used in vehicles with conventional suspension systems and parallelogram steering, like many rear-wheel-drive vehicles and light trucks.

Pitman arms

A pitman arm usually consists of a splined arm that connects with the steering gear, a threaded bearing stud, and a seat. The pitman arm attaches to the steering gear shaft to act as a lever. It converts torque from the steering gear to mechanical force to move the steering linkage. The pitman arms supplied by AHK Motor Spares are manufactured to exacting standards. Common symptoms associated with a worn pitman arm include play in the steering wheel, tyre edge wear, and loose steering.

Idler arms

Idler arms serve as pivoting support for the steering linkage and consist of a rod that pivots on a bracket, an arm that connects the bracket to the centre link of the steering linkage, and an internal pivot bearing. The idler arm assists the pitman arm by supporting the steering linkage as it moves in the direction controlled by the steering gear. An idler arm is attached between the opposite side of the centre link from the pitman arm and the vehicle’s frame to hold the centre link at the correct height.

The idler arms supplied by AHK Motor Spares are manufactured to exacting standards. The most common symptoms associated with a worn idler arm include wandering, tyre edge wear, and erratic steering. Idler arms are more vulnerable to wear than pitman arms. Fitting your idler arm with grease fittings and lubricating them at every oil change can minimise wear and tear and prolong the idler arm’s life.

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