Types of vehicle adhesive tape for your repair shop

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Whether you just help friends with a quick fix or have a workshop to service cars frequently, AHK Motor Spares has all the tools and accessories you need at competitive prices. This includes a comprehensive range of vehicle adhesive tape.

There are many different types of vehicle adhesive tape and various grades for each. However, these are the most commonly used vehicle adhesive tape.

Electrical tape

Electrical tape is the most common vehicle adhesive tape. It is a PVC-backed tape that is pressure-sensitive, so you need to press it down to make it stick. This vehicle adhesive tape is designed to protect electrical connections. However, not all electrical tapes are created equally. AHK Motor Spares only stocks the best range of all vehicle adhesive tape, so you won’t be stuck on the side of the road because the vehicle adhesive tape has come undone.

Most people are familiar with black electrical tape. However, there is an entire system of colour codes used for voltage and phase markings.

Duck/duct tape

Actually, it’s duck, not duct. Originally designed for making shoes stronger, duck tape was created in 1902 from duck cloth, a heavy canvas. However, modern versions of duct tape, as it has become known, use a thin cotton duck coated in polyethene and lined with adhesive. This easy-to-tear vehicle adhesive tape is frequently used to seal ducts, although its uses are practically unlimited. Duck/duct tape is also available in several colours.

Masking tape

Masking tape is designed to temporarily cover and protect surfaces during painting and repair. However, leaving masking tape on too long will make it difficult to remove. Masking tape was initially designed for automotive refinishing since it doesn’t remove freshly applied paint. It is rated in 1, 3, 7, 14, 30, and 60-day terms, which means it will pull off clean if removed within the day rating. However, the longer the rating, the less sticky the tape is.

If you are painting a car and need crisp, clean lines, use a good quality seven-day masking tape. This vehicle adhesive tape will keep the paint from going where it shouldn’t and removes clean.

Double-sided tape

Uses for double-sided tape include attaching emblems and accessories. Again, there are many different options. However, most factory vehicles use foam-lined vehicle adhesive tape for emblems, trim, and more.

Self-vulcanising tape

Self-vulcanising or self-amalgamating tape is unique in that it doesn’t use adhesive at all. Instead, this vehicle adhesive tape bonds to itself when stretched. It is made from silicone rubber to protect and seal a substrate. Left long enough, this vehicle adhesive tape forms a solid coating when it has completely bonded to itself. It is excellent for sealing electrical wiring and hoses.

Stick with AHK Motor Spares

Some vehicle adhesive tape can be used for permanent repairs. Make sure you have the right one for the job at hand. AHK Motor Spares supplies quality tools and accessories. Get in touch with our team today for everything you need.

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