What do Brakes do?

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A brake system is made up of several vehicle brake components. Each of these components is vital and integral to the functioning of the brakes, whose proper functioning is vital for your safety.

Brakes are designed so that you may be able to slow down and stop your vehicle comfortably and safely.

The basic functioning of your vehicle’s brake components is that it takes the kinetic energy in the wheels and converts it to heat energy.

What are the Vehicle Brake Components

Brakes can come in two firms, either disc breaks or drum brakes, depending on the model of the vehicle. Here is a list of the important components within a brake system:

ABS Control modules are available on vehicles that have ABS brakes. The module, using speed sensors, evaluates the ABS braking system, and speed, to determine the right amount of pressure that it needs to send to the different tyres for them to brake.

Brake boosters affect the amount of brake pressure applied within the master cylinder.

Brake discs are the mechanisms used to slow the vehicle down, and are normally found on front wheels. The disc spins and creates the friction necessary when the brake pads touch the rotor of the disc.

Drum brakes are typically found on the rear wheels and, as with brake discs, are the mechanism to slow the vehicle down. In this system, the drum will spin, too creating the friction needed to slow down when the wheel cylinder pushes the brake shoes against the drum.

The Master cylinder controls the pressure that is exerted by the brake pads onto the rotors when stopping.

The brake pedal is also one of the vehicle brake components and is pressed to activate the wheels braking system. The master cylinder comes into play when the pedal is pressed. A piston within the master cylinder is activated which then controls the activation of the brake system.

An emergency brake is also part of a vehicle’s braking system. This type of brake is separate from the other braking system and can be used in an emergency to bring your car to a halt as quickly as possible. It is typically used though to keep the vehicle stationary when it has stopped.

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