When to replace critical car fluids


Your vehicle needs various fluids to function correctly. Read on to find out when to change or replace critical car fluids.

Engine oil

This lubricant is essential to keep your vehicle’s engine running smoothly, preventing the moving parts within the engine from grinding against each other, causing wear. Ideally, you should check this car fluid every few weeks to ensure the level is within the two dots on the dipstick. In addition, it should be an amber colour. Dark or gritty oil is a sign that it’s definitely time for an oil change.

Transmission fluid

Transmission fluid lubricates the complex mechanism within your vehicle’s transmission. If this reddish car fluid runs, you could experience costly and severe transmission damage. Check your vehicle’s transmission fluid every six months and have it flushed according to your car manufacturer’s recommendation.

Brake fluid

If your brake fluid level drops too low, you’re likely to experience vibration when you brake, difficulty stepping down on the brake pedal, and the ABS activating unnecessarily. To maintain this car fluid, check it with every oil change. If it smells burnt, you should have it bled and changed.


Coolant, radiator fluid, and antifreeze are the same car fluid essential for your car’s temperature regulation. Make sure to check it at least twice a year, ideally before summer and winter. Ensure the vehicle is cool when you check this car fluid since you could be injured from the hot liquid. When you top up the antifreeze, check that it matches your vehicle’s make and model, and flush it every five years.

Windshield washer fluid

When you regularly park under trees, you’re likely to have a lot of dirt, debris, and bird droppings on your windshield. Windshield washer fluid is excellent for removing minor bug splatter and dust until you can wash your car or even windscreen.

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