Everybody is looking for something different from the experience they get driving their car, and some motorists want the full
AHK Motor Spares
Aftermarket Automotive Spares offer any user an alternative to OEM parts. You have the ability to choose from a whole
Keeping your car in running order for longer periods of time means giving it the attention it needs whenever the
Aftermarket Parts Can Save You Money
The Difference Between OEM AND Aftermarket Parts You may believe that you can only buy parts for your car from
For those of us that like to live life according to music, there is a need to take that music
With almost 30 owned Chain stores across Gauteng, Western Cape, Free State, North West, Mpumalanga and Pretoria you have quality
Does an Air Filter make a Difference?
It is recommended that your car’s air filter should be changed every 20 000 to 24000 kilometres – more so if
Tyre balancing and wheel alignment services are one of the most regular services offered by mechanics. The reason for this
Engine Parts
Your fuel filter is probably as important as it is overlooked. Your fuel filter is more or less on continuous

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