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AHK Motor Spares offers specialised, high-quality audio systems that have been designed to enhance the experience and comfort of any ride. One of the most impressive ways to express character and uniqueness in your ride is to enhance the behind-the-wheel experience with a quality audio system.

We provide solutions that make doing this simple, allowing for a granular approach for audio components, or with turn-key offerings that enhance the media in your vehicle and add to the overall driving experience, uniqueness and character of your ride, and of course, yourself.

Quality Car Audio Systems

Our offerings on quality car audio systems include a full-range of components, from different speakers from leading manufacturers, to subwoofers, amplifiers, wiring kits, LCD screens and front-loaders.

Turn your car into a media powerhouse, or simply enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your vehicle that little bit more with vehicle audio systems from our team here at AHK Motor Spares.


  • Speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • Front Loader
  • Lcd Screens
  • Amplifier Wiring Kit
  • Amplifier

Quality Backed by Experience

Our offerings come at the highest quality, ensuring that our clients find quality car audio systems at affordable prices.

We do this through years of experience and insights into our industry, by understanding the challenges faced by our clients, and endeavouring to provide products and services that meet and solve these challenges seamlessly.

Find What You Want from Multiple Branches

We have a network of branches across Gauteng and the Western Cape, which makes finding the right parts for their needs, a simple matter for our customers. Accessibility is a key part of our offerings, ensuring that our clients are never too far away from the parts they need.

Contact AHK Motor Spares for Details

If you would like to know more about our offers on quality car audio systems and their related components, be sure to get into contact with a representative from AHK Motor Spares for details. Alternatively, if you would like further details on our various other offers, feel free to continue browsing our website for additional information.


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