Understanding the right to repair

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In July 2021, the final guidelines for the right to repair were implemented. According to these guidelines, a vehicle owner can have their new car serviced at an independent provider they choose, without the risk of the manufacturer voiding their warranties.

As a result, owners of new vehicles won’t need to be locked into restrictive motor or service plans. In addition, dealerships and manufacturers may not prevent car owners from having their vehicles serviced, maintained, or repaired mechanically at an independent service provider.

Furthermore, maintenance and service plans are unbundled at the point of sale, allowing consumers to choose whether to purchase these plans from their dealership or an independent provider.

Another benefit of the right to repair guidelines is that consumers can have either original or non-original spare parts fitted by an approved dealer, motor-body repairer, or service provider during the in-warranty period. Of course, the quality of these parts needs to be in line with existing consumer protection laws and warranties.

The right to choose

Consumers need to understand that the right to repair is not a law but a series of non-binding applications for the Competition Commission of South Africa (CCSA) related to the automotive industry.

Consumers can now choose where to have their vehicles serviced and maintained.

Service transparency

When an independent service provider works on a consumer’s vehicle, they must disclose whether they have adequate insurance to cover any potential liability or damage to the car. In addition, they need to inform the consumer about the warranty risks and that the vehicle manufacturer will not pay for any work done.

Consumers must understand that under the guidelines, if their vehicle is not serviced or repaired correctly by a service provider, it could impact their vehicle’s factory warranty. Any problems that result from work performed by a service provider or the fitting of non-original spare parts will be assessed by the manufacturer to determine whether portions of or the entire warranty is voided.

Right to repair with AHK Motor Spares

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