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If you think car fluids are something only your mechanic needs to worry about, think again. Neglecting car fluids could result in reduced power, fuel efficiency, and resell value.

Car fluids play a crucial role in practically every function of your car, and maintaining the proper fluid levels is vital.

Important car fluids

There are five important car fluids that should be checked regularly. These are engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid (in automatic vehicles), coolant, and windshield washer fluid.

Engine oil

Oil ensures that all the engine parts remain lubricated and can move in harmony. Engine oil is the most important car fluid of them all, and driving with little or no oil can result in serious engine damage.

While it’s good to check your engine oil level every time you fill up your car, park your car on level ground and ensure the engine is cold to get a truly accurate measurement.

Transmission fluid

Transmission fluid is another vital car fluid to check. In automatic vehicles, it lubricates and cools transmission parts like clutches, gears, and valves. Low levels of this car fluid can result in difficult shifting.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not a lifetime fluid. So while it’s not a car fluid you’ll need to top up frequently, it’s a good idea to check the transmission fluid intermittently.


Coolant or antifreeze does what its name says – keeping your car’s engine cool in summer and preventing it from freezing in winter. In addition, it helps to prevent corrosion from forming.

This car fluid deteriorates over time and should be tested at every car service.

Brake fluid

Brake fluid is essential to ensuring your car’s brake pads slows you down. However, as the brake pads wear down, the brake fluid level also drops. When this car fluid falls below the minimum indicator, check the brakes while you top up the brake fluid.

Windshield washer fluid

Unlike other car fluids, windshield washer fluid is often neglected. Like engine oil, have it checked every time you fill-up.

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